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Floppy Disk Game

Floppy D!sk is a super addictive mash-up of Downwell and Super Crate Box, with you playing a little bunny who blasts enemies with random weapons while use the recoil to propel yourself around the arena.

In Floppy D!sk your goal is to collect as many floppy disks that spawn around the arena as possible before your inevitable demise. As in Super Crate Box, each time you collect a floppy disk, you’ll randomly be given a new weapon to use, from shotgun’s to high powered lazers, each with their own fire rates, bullet spreads and recoil.

As your little bunny is constantly in the air the only way of moving yourself around is with the recoil from the weapons, so not only do you have to deal with blasting enemies and collecting floppy disks, you also have to plan your shots to propel yourself around the arena and away from danger.

It’s a simple, but challenging and super addictive little game with fast, frantic gameplay and a very cool CGA art style. A brilliant bit of bunny blasting fun.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Shoot/Move

Available On: Windows

Download Floppy D!sk Here

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