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Floppy Floppy delivers an addictive, inventive and extremely challenging twist on the Flappy Bird formula, which requires you to adapt as a variety of gameplay modifiers are added as you play.

In Floppy Floppy you control a little floppy disk as it flaps through cyberspace in a similar way to Flappy Bird. Your aim is to collect four artefacts, but to collect each artefact requires you to travel through four different portals, each of which transfers the action to a smaller segment of the screen and adds a randomly selected modifier. There are a variety of different modifiers – including muting the sound, flipping gravity, making gravity flip each time you tap, reversing the direction of the gameplay, double-tapping and introducing a delay to your taps.

Because a new modifier is added each time you go through a portal, the modifiers stack up, so by the time your reach the artefact you may be flying upside down, backwards with a delay, which makes things pretty tricky – especially as the artefact is a boss that you have to beat before you can collect it!

You’ll need an incredible amount of skill and perseverance to beat Floppy Floppy, but it’s a great concept and it’s a lot of fun trying. There’s life in the old Flappy Bird genre yet!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, E – Interaction,

Available On: Windows

Play Floppy Floppy Here

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