Floxels – Downloadable Game


Floxels is a simple and strangely addictive little game in which you control the movement of little square creatures that move around a maze in one fluid mass, attempting to out-manuver the enemy forces, converting them all to your army.

You move your little Floxel army around the map by clicking and dragging with your mouse, releasing them at strategic points as you try to divide and conquer the enemy – flanking and isolating works far better than a full frontal assault. Defeat the rival army and you’ll start again with a new army, trying to defeat your old one.

It’s debatable whether you’d call Floxels a game or a play toy, but either way it’s a lot of fun. The fluid movement of your Floxel army is a joy to behold as it swarms around them map and the unique gameplay makes for an oddly captivating experience. Fast and fun, fluid warfare.

Controls:  Mouse – Point, Click & Drag

Available On:  Windows, Mac, Linux & Android

Download Floxels Here

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