Foot Chinko: Russia ’18 – Browser Game

Foot Chinko: Russia ’18 is an addictive blend of Pachinko and Soccer that sees you attempting to score goals in increasingly complex Pachinko boards to beat your opponents and win the World Cup!

In Foot Chinko: Russia ’18 you score goals by knocking the ball past your opponent’s goalie. It plays a lot like a Pachinko game, with you releasing the ball from the top and watching as it bounces around the table and (hopefully) into the goal. In most levels you only have a handful of balls to shoot and there are hazards that can destroy the balls if they touch them.

Fortunately you do have some assistance in the form of your outfield players who can catch the ball and kick it (or head it) where you want it to go. As you progress you can also purchase buffs with the cash you earn in matches to aid you on your quest to lift the World Cup.

There’s a lot of content in Foot Chinko: Russia ’18, with you starting off playing as the less skilled teams like Fiji and Tahiti as they attempt to win the Oceania Cup, then working your way up to the likes of Brazil and Germany as you attempt to win the World Cup. It’s great fun and some of the levels can get pretty challenging. The only major issue is that the England team is called ‘UK’ for some reason – which is likely to leave everyone from Scotland and Wales a little pissed off!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Foot Chinko: Russia ’18 Here

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