For The Love Of God – Downloadable Game

for the love of god

For the Love of God is a fun Papers Please-style game that sees you processing souls at the gates of Heaven.

You sit behind your desk, as a random selection of hopeful souls await judgement.  As they arrive, they bring with them a short list of things they have done throughout their life, some good, some bad.  You must cross check these with the 10 commandments – if they have broken one of these, then it’s straight to the fiery pits of Hell with them.

There’s no room for creativity in your job, you must follow the 10 commandments to the letter.  So for instance, if one of them has used the phrase ‘OMG LOL’ you must send them to Hell as they’ve used the lords name in vain. Adherence to the 10 commandments means some genuinely good people are destined to burn, while some other rather shady individuals are granted eternity in Heaven.

It’s a fun game, with a great sense of humor, especially with the silly notes that are sent about the growing clutter on your desk (you don’t have a waste basket).  Do well at your job and you may be able to tidy your desk, God’s a rather unforgiving boss, so it’s probably best not to mess up!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Download For The Love of God Here

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