Foreign Creature – Browser Game

foreign creature game

Foreign Creature is a wonderfully wicked point and click adventure in which you play a cute little alien who escapes capture and goes on a blood-filled, murderous rampage.

Foreign Creature comprises of a sequence of one-screen point and click puzzles, similar to room escape games, with you locating objects or hotspots on the screen and figuring out the correct way to interact with them to do the most damage. It’s a surprisingly tricky game – some of the hotspots can be remarkably hard to locate, but it’s worth persevering with as the payoff is excellent and filled with plenty of comically over-the-top violence. The little alien may be cute, but he’s certainly not friendly!

Controls: Mouse – Moint & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Stuck? Check Out a Playthough by Markiplier Here

Note: Be warned, Foreign Creature features plenty of over the top graphic violence – recommended for over 17’s only!

Play Foreign Creature Here

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