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Forgotten School is a creepy and surreal little Japanese horror game that explores bullying and mental health as you use your VHS camera to see into hidden dimension that lies just beneath our own.

In Forgotten School you take on the role of Akiyo, a young girl who turns up at school to find everyone has disappeared. As you explore you can use your VHS camera to peer into another dimension – a dimension that visualises all the hurt and persecution students endure at the hands of bullies. A lot of these negative thoughts manifest as words on walls, but they also form horrifying apparitions, little arms dangling from the ceiling or eyes that stare at you from the floor.

It does have quite a few rough edges, rough scene transitions and a very abrupt ending, but Forgotten School is an interesting little horror experience that’s worth checking out. It’s got some powerful imagery, a great retro VHS aesthetic and a meaningful (if not particularly subtle) message. A short and spooky school horror game you won’t forget about.

Controls: WASD – Movement, E – Camera, R – Pick-Up Battery.

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Forgotten School Here

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