Forgotten Tunnels: Episodes 1 & 2 – Download Game

Forgotten Tunnels: Episodes 1 & 2 form a tense and terrifying first person horror adventure that takes place in a mysterious abandoned tunnel system where people go missing and horrifying creatures lurk in the darkness.

If there’s one thing that Forgotten Tunnels: Episodes 1 & 2 have an abundance of then it’s atmosphere. They take place in a dark and gloomy underground tunnel system and see you exploring and looking for a way out. They’re both quite slow paced (you have no run button), but they both fill you with dread as you delve deeper into the tunnels

The first episode of Forgotten Tunnels takes a while to get going, but does a good job of building up the tension and has some good moments. The second episode is pure nightmare fuel though and features more of a story. It takes some very unexpected turns and has some genuinely terrifying moments.

The visual design across both episodes is superb, with excellent lighting and near photorealistic visuals (which is crazy considering how small the 46MB and 100MB download sizes are). The sound design is excellent too, with a very unnerving soundtrack and lots of freaky noises to put you on edge. By the end you’ll be glad it’s over but dying for more, and thankfully it looks like developer Daniel Francisco plans to continue the series. You may have just recovered by the time the next one’s out! Highly recommended.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB – Interaction

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Forgotten Tunnels: Episode 1 Here

Download Forgotten Tunnels: Episode 2 Here

2 thoughts on “Forgotten Tunnels: Episodes 1 & 2 – Download Game”

  1. Had an amazing time playing both of the episodes with my friend. Short and thrilling game, keep it up with the work! Stoked to see the continuation.

  2. I must say I was really surprised. The first episode is nice but the second is actually a quality job. I could imagine this on VR.

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