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Formicide Game Download

Formicide is a fun team based combat game that plays like a blend of Worms and Team Fortress, with character classes, destructible terrain, team based objectives and fast paced real-time multiplayer carnage.

Formicide draws inspiration from Worms and Team Fortress, but probably most closely resembles Awesomenauts gameplay-wise. It features Domination-style team based matches that last around 5-10 minutes as players fight for control of the three beacons. There are eight playable classes, each with unique weaponry and skills, ranging from a sniper to a turret building engineer.

The Worms-esque 2D visual style looks great and there’s a nice selection of maps to do battle on. The combat is fast paced and fun, with destructible terrain, random events and easy to pick up and play gameplay. A fast, fun and carnage filled game that’s perfect for short blasts of ant-on-ant warfare!

Controls: A/D – Movement, W – Ability, S – Dig, Spacebar – Jump, Mouse – Aim, LMB – Primary Fire, RMB – Secondary Fire, R – Reload, Mouse Wheel – Select Weapon

Available On: Sindows (Steam)

Download Formicide Here

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