Fortune Catcher – Downloadable Game

Fortune Catcher

Beware!  Fortune Catcher matches can result in physical violence and broken keyboards (but that’s the whole point).  Fortune Catcher is a hilarious local multiplayer game that sees both players attempting to grab a ball.  The catch?  The controls are randomized every time!

The rules are simple, both players sit in front of the same keyboard and get ready for mayhem.  When the round starts all the controls are randomly selected and displayed, then the players have to try and use these controls to grab the charmingly animated little crystal ball at the bottom of the screen.  This generally results in chaos as (A) you have to work with a pretty screwy control scheme and (B) both players are fighing to get to the same areas on the keyboard.

Collect the crystal ball and you’ll be crowned the winner and be told your fortune – if this fortune was entirely accurate it would read ‘you will buy a new keyboard in the near future!’

Controls:  Entirely Random!

Available On:  Windows only

Download Fortune Catcher Here

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