Forward – Browser Game

Forward is an addictive roguelike dungeon crawler where you travel ever forwards on through three-laned card-based dungeons, grabbing gold, battling monsters and collecting loot.

In Forward your aim is to make your way through six increasingly challenging card-based dungeons and defeat the devil in the Underworld. The dungeons are made up of random cards arranged in three lanes, with you choosing the direction you want to go by simply dragging and dropping your hero card on the relevant spaces.

Every fight with a monster will deal you damage, but there’s lots of health and shield cards that you can collect to keep your health up. Also there’s lots of interesting loot to collect with positive or negative effects – such as apples that restore health each time you enter a new dungeon or rotten meat that permanently decreases the value of healing cards. As you make your way through the dungeons you’ll also be able to collect gold which can be used to unlock new playable characters.

It’s an addictive little dungeon crawler that’s easy to pick up and play, but can be hard to beat (particularly with the unlockable characters). It’s great fun trying to build up an inventory of items that will increase your chances of survival as you delve deeper into the dungeons. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Forward Here

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