Four Creatures Share A Tiny World – Browser Game


Four Creatures Share a Tiny World is a wonderful little game where you control four creatures on four different sides of a square world, destined to never meet, but able to work together to solve this existential puzzler.

Each creature can walk left, right and jump.  This can be used to push boxes, and push down on objects to influence the world and harvest those all important hearts (of which you need five).  It requires a bit of experimentation to collect all the hearts, as you maneuverer objects and rotate the world as necessary.  All the while your characters are having existential thoughts.  It’s a simple, stylish and very well implemented puzzle game with a wonderfully chilled out atmosphere and bags of charm.

Controls: Arrow Keys, Move & Jump,  S – Rotate World

Available On: Browser

Note: If you get stuck, the GIF above has a clue which may help

Play Four Creatures Share A Tiny World Here

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