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Frame of Mind is a stylish, surreal and incredibly disorientating first person puzzle adventure where you need to think outside of the box to escape its madness.

Created by students at the Media Design School, New Zealand, Frame of Mind is a first person puzzle adventure where you can never believe what your eyes are telling you. A little like in Antichamber, you need a keen eye and a keen mind to make your way through its stylish dual-color world. The normal laws of physics don’t apply but there is a logic to it’s illogical world.

Taking around 30 minutes to play through, Frame of Mind is a very well crafted little puzzle adventure with some fantastic art direction and lots of cleverly crafted mind-bending puzzles. Take nothing for granted in this beautiful and bizarre world.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, Spacebar – Jump

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Frame of Mind Here

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