Franzen – Downloadable Game

Franzen is a dark steampunk RPG adventure set in a world that’s been corrupted f a massive tear that spews out darkness.

Created by Scumhead In Franzen (creator of Lycanthorn and Angel’s Gear), Franzen follows the story of Franz and Lefsa Dellia as they research “The Scream” – the massive tear in space that appeared 18 years ago. The Scream unleashed a darkness that corrupts the minds and bodies of those it touches, turning them into monsters. On your adventures you’ll explore Franzen‘s lore rich world, deal with bureaucracy and corruption, and battle grotesque monsters in turn-based combat.

The turn-based combat is a little basic, but the world building, lore and character designs are fantastic. It really immerses you in its twisted steampunk world and its a lot of fun getting to know the characters. Highly recommended.

Controls: Keyboard or Controller

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Download Franzen Here

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