Free Game Planet Game of the Year Awards 2018

Happy New Year! 2018 may not have been a great year, but it was a great year for games and another year of fantastic indie games packed full of creativity and fun surprises. We’ve hand picked some of our favourites and given them awards to celebrate their diversity. Hope you like them as much as we do and hope you have a great 2019!

Winner: Desktop Love StoryPass love notes between files on your desktop to make them fall in love!

Runner Ups: The Topologies of ZeldaThe Writer is Anxious


Winner: A Wonderful Day For Fishingbeware what you eat in this bizarre Lovecraftian fishing game!

Runner Ups: Detective Horis: Episode 1The Confraternity of ToastWith Extra Seasoning 


Shark SimulatorThe GTA of physics based shark simulators!

Runner Ups: Kaiju Super DatetechWith Extra Seasoning 


Winner: Northbury Grove: King’s ComfortWhen the psycho spots you and the music kicks in you may need a change of underwear!

Runner Ups: Northbury GroveDon’t Get Caught


Winner: The Doll ShopIt’s not often that a game truly makes you fear for someone elses safety above your own.

Runner Ups: Northbury Grove: King’s ComfortBeherit


Best Fan Game
Winner: Return of the Tentacle: PrologueSo authentic that it could easily be an official release.

Runner Ups: Super Mario 64 OdysseyProject Lambda


Best Puzzle Game
Winner: Cube Escape: Paradox Chapter 1 A horror adventure that’s packed full of creative puzzle design

Runner Ups: Return of the Tentacle: PrologueLocation Withheld


Winner: The Zium GardenA massive virtual art gallery full of fascinating works of digital art

Runner Ups: The Doll ShopIntertwinedLACURA


Winner: Goodnight MeowmieA surprisingly powerful little adventure where you care for your cat in a house full of monsters.

Runner Ups: Snow Cones: Episode 2Marie’s Room


Winner: The Alpha DeviceA mature Arthur C. Clarke-esque Sci-Fi narrative experience with impecable production values

Runner Ups: The Writer is AnxiousAlice’s 1997The Doll Shop


Winner: The Doll ShopBeautiful artwork and a deeply unsettling dread-filled narrative. It’s not often that a game truly makes you fear for someone elses safety above your own!

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