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Friender bender game

Friender Bender is a hilarious low poly local-multiplayer driving game in which up to four players take it in turns to drive one car for short periods of time, attempting to leave it in such a state that the next person to take over will crash it.

Best played with multiple controllers in local multiplayer, in Friender Bender the aim is simple – don’t crash and try to make your opponents crash. Each player takes it in turns to drive the car for a short period of time and attempts to leave it in the most precarious position when control passes on to the next player.

Players also have unique Mario Kart-style power-ups that they can use to sabotage the other players when they’re driving such as reversing the controls for distorting their view. Each time a player crashes they lose a life. Lose all your lives and you’re eliminated, with the victor being the last player standing.

It’s a fun premise, that draws inspiration from a game idea from the Cool Games Inc. podcast, and manages to create a unique and wonderfully chaotic local multiplayer experience. A superb piece of local multiplayer sabotage.

Controls: Controlpads Only

Available On: Windows & Mac

Important Note: You can play the game with a single controller in ‘Hot Potato’ mode but we really wouldn’t recommend it as it breaks the gameplay too much. Multiple controllers are highly recommended.

Download The Friender Bender Here

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