Frightened Pixels Remastered – Downloadable Game

Frightened Pixelas Remastered

Frightened Pixels Remastered is a very creepy First Person Horror with a great low rez/voxel-esque visual style, in which you search your bloodstained house, searching for your missing family.

There’s a great sense of tension in Frightened Pixels Remastered, thanks largely to the sinister soundtrack that really keeps you on edge.  The full game takes around 20 minutes to play and as you progress you’ll have to solve puzzles and search high and low for hidden keys and objects.  Finding these objects can be pretty tricky and can require a little more grey matter than your average first person horror.  An Intelligent, sinister and very creepy first person adventure.

Controls: WASD – Movement,  Mouse – Look,  E – Interact

Available On:  Windows Only

Gameplay Video:  Here

Download Frightened Pixels Remastered Here

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