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From Head to Toe is a touching little narrative driven experience where two childhood friends go for a walk in the snow and reminisce about old times.

In From Head to Toe you follow Betty, who has returned to visit her hometown, and Quentin, her best friend from childhood and first love. As they walk through the familiar streets of the snow-filled town they reminisce about old times and catch up.

From Head to Toe is a narrative driven experience, with a linear story and some simple dialogue options. It’s also a walking simulator in the most literal sense of the term, with you actually alternating between pressing the left and right mouse buttons to walk. There are also a variety of different context sensitive activities that you perform along the way, such as throwing a snowball or swinging on a swing that help draw you in to the experience.

There are a few hints that perhaps this isn’t real (a broken clock, Quintin’s swing not moving and the ambiguous ending), but it’s really left up to the player to interpret. Maybe it’s just two old friends catching up, maybe there’s a little more to it. Either way it’s a poignant and heartfelt walk down memory lane that really gets you in the feels. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse (Context Sensitive)

Available On: Windows, Mac & Android

Gameplay Video: Here

Download From Head to Toe Here

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