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Frostbite Game Download

Frostbite is a very freaky first person horror that draws inspiration from John Carpenter’s The Thing, Silent Hill and Resident Evil, as you battle the elements and attempt to survive after something has killed the rest of your Arctic research team.

Frostbite is offers a very tough battle for survival as you explore your research facility, searching for items to aid your escape and help you survive the freezing cold Arctic temperatures. The narrative is reminiscent of The Thing, with your entire team being wiped out after finding a mysterious strain of bacteria in the ice. There are horrors to be found, but the real danger is the icy cold. You have to keep your body temperature up or you’ll freeze to death pretty quickly – especially if you venture outside.

It’s a real struggle to survive in this frostbitten adventure and you’ll most likely die several times on your first attempts, but once you figure out where all the key items are it can be completed in a few minutes. It’s a scary game but it doesn’t resort to jump scares, instead focusing on building a tense atmosphere with its stylish low rez visuals, claustrophobic darkness and unnerving audio design. Highly recommended sub zero horror.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, RMB – interact, Spacebar – inventory, LMB – Select Item

Available On: Windows

Download Frostbite Here

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