Fruits of a Feather – Downloadable Game

Fruits of a Feather game

Fruits of a Feather is a beautiful, soothing flying experience in which you fly around a low poly island of paradise, taking in breathtaking scenery and eating fruit.

The objective in Fruits of a Feather is to eat all the fruit that’s scattered around the island. After playing for a while this soon slips to a secondary objective though, as the real point of the game is just to just enjoy yourself – soaring and swooping around it’s beautiful low poly world. Whether you’re skimming across the water, squeezing through crevices in the rocks or swooping down from the mountain tops, it’s a joy to explore the world of Fruits of a Feather.

It’s such a relaxing and uplifting experience, that Doctors should start prescribing it to relieve stress – 1 dose of Fruits of a Feather to be taken twice day and watch your worries fly away!

Controls: Keyboard or Controlled (Control Pad Recommended)

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Gameplay Video:  Here

Download Fruits of a Feather Here

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