Furi Demake: The Chain – Downloadable Game

Furi Demake: The Chain is an 8-bit styled Furi demake that pits you in an epic battle against Furi’s first boss fight (The Chain).

In Furi Demake: The Chain you will attempt to beat The Chain and escape jail in an epic 8-bit battle that blends shoot ‘em up and hack ‘n slash gameplay. You have a sword for melee attacks, a gun for ranged attacks and a dash ability that comes in handy for evading attacks.

It’s a great little slice of retro arcade action with excellent pixel art animation and intense combat. It may just feature one boss fight, but it’s a long multi-stage battle that takes 10-30 minutes to play through. See if you can beat it!

Controls: Control Pad Recommended

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Download Furi Demake: The Chain Here

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