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FurnCap is a delightful third person exploration adventure where you explore a beautiful open world and create bespoke furniture and objects for its inhabitants.

In FurnCap you control a cute little robot who can instantly synthesize objects from the blueprints. There are lots of blueprints hidden around the world and there are also lots of friendly inhabitants that are looking for certain objects. You need to find the correct blueprints and then synthesize the objects for them, and in return you’ll earn cash to use in a machine that gives you upgrades which allow you to explore the world easier.

FurnCap is a wonderfully stress-free experience that allows you to chill out and just enjoy spending time in its world. There are no enemies or ways to die. In fact it’s a very pleasant place to explore, packed full of charming characters, strange sights and fun secrets to discover. You can even take a little time out to furnish your home with the objects you create or even just place stuff anywhere in the game world. It makes for a very playful experience that’s filled with things that make you smile. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download FurnCap Here

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