Future Racer 2000 – Downloadable Game

Future Racer 2000 is an incredibly weird first person horror game where you are sent a mysterious new video game console that corrupts your mind.

Taking place some time in the 1980’s, Future Racer 2000 starts with you quarantined in your apartment block due to some mysterious octopus-based outbreak. You then receive a strange telemarketing phone call which ends up with you (and everyone in your apartment block) being sent a weird retro games console, complete with a copy of a new game called Future Racer 2000. It seems like a great game, time to see if you can get a high score…

Future Racer 2000 is very buggy at the moment (if you click on the wrong thing at the wrong time then you can trigger events that you’re not supposed to). Other than that though it’s a fantastic game. It has a nice mixture of humor and surreal horror, the 80’s setting is well realized, the visuals are superb and the tunes are great. Plus it’s has one of the coolest video game console designs you’re ever likely to see (although the fact that it corrupts your mind is probably a bit of a downside!)

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB – Interact, Q – To Do List, Shift – Run, F – Vision

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Future Racer 2000 Here

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