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Fuzzy is a thought provoking little game full of tough moral quandaries that asks you to decide what actions a self-driving car should take in an emergency situation.

Whether you like it or not self-driving cars are coming and Fuzzy takes a look at the tough moral decisions those cars will have to make during certain emergency situations. It gives you 19 different car crash simulations and stops the action just before the accident occurs, giving you a choice of three courses of action to take (swerve, carry on or do nothing). There are six major factors in the decisions you make – the amount of people in danger, prioritizing driver safety, punishing irresponsible behaviour, prioritizing child safety, the protection levels afforded by vehicles and prioritizing human safety over animals.

It’s similar to The Trolley Problem, in that someone is going to get hurt in each situation, you just have to decide who, how many and how badly. Some situations are easy, such as deciding to swerve into a wall rather than hit a child. But most of them are a lot tougher – will you swerve onto the sidewalk and hit an innocent bystander rather than hit three people who cross the road without looking? Will you prioritize driver safety by hitting a pedestrian rather than a car? Will you run over a dog at the side of the road rather than hitting a car?

It’s an interesting game that throws up some tough dilemmas during its short playtime. Fuzzy plans to use the answers received in the game to help shape the future of autonomous car AI, but it seems to leave out the biggest question – should a machine be allowed to make such tough moral decisions? Should a car be allowed to prioritize one life over another?

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Fuzzy Here

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