Fwosty Poetwy – Download Game

Fwosty Poetwy is a charming little game which follows a cute little bear as they enjoy lo-fi tunes, visit the inhabitants of a snowy little town and listen to each one’s holiday poems.

In Fwosty Poetwy you take on the role of Snow Bear – a cute little white bear who has a very important task to do today. You need to go around your town and collect holiday poems from its various inhabitants. Each of the inhabitants are very different from each other, from a mouse with an obsession with knives to an interdimensional Jack Frost, and they’ve all prepared a little poem for you. It’s worth paying attention to what they say too, as it may help you later on in the game.

It’s a beautiful little game with some excellent pixel artwork, lots of fun characters to meet and multiple endings to discover. It’s very well written and it’s a joy getting to know each of the inhabitants, some of which have some surprisingly touching poems (the one from the snow cat especially). A frostbitten little adventure that’ll warm your heart.

Controls: Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download Fwosty Poetwy Here

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