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Gamayun Game Download

Gamayun is a beautiful third person flying experience in which you control a mighty bird of light who flys around a decaying world, bringing it back to life.

Gamayun offers a chilled out Zen-like experience as you fly around a small island flying through magical crystal rings which make life burst out around you. You start off at the base of a mountain and slowly make your way to the top, spreading life as you go, transforming the grey and decaying landscape into a beautiful thriving landscape.

There doesn’t appear to be an end goal after you actvate all the rings – just swoop around enjoying the splendour of the world. Much like Fruits of a Feather, it’s a very relaxing and visually captivating experience as you soar through the skies and skim across the ground. A beautiful high flying exploration game guarunteed to make stress levels plummet.

Controls: Xbox Control Pad Only (Tap RT to fly higher, Hold RT to Dive)

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Gamayun Here

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