Game Inc – Browser Game

Game Inc is an addictive browser based multiplayer game development company management sim in which you churn out web, mobile and AAA games to make a profit and sue your rivals for even more cash.

In Game Inc you find yourself in charge of a game dev company which can develop and release web based, mobile or AAA games. You can earn a little cash on the side by mashing away on your keyboard, but the real money comes from the games your team develops and the lawsuits you wage against competitors.

Developing the games is simple – you simply start a project, choose which platform you want to release it for and then hire devs and social influencers to work on it. Web games are the quickest to develop but earn less money while AAA takes a long time to develop but earns more cash on release.

It’s quite a tough game to get to grips with initially as you’ll find yourself struggling to stay afloat. A good strategy at the start is to churn out lots of cheap web based games, using the best devs and influencers available (they’re expensive, but worth it). Once you’ve earned a bit of cash you can experiment with other platforms and launching lawsuits against your rivals to earn some big bucks.

It’s a tough game that always seems to have you on the back foot as you strive to make a profit. It’s a great feeling when an of your games are big hits though and it’s particularly fun screwing over your opponents with lawsuits!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click, Keyboard – Earn Extra Cash

Available On: All Browsers

Play Game Inc Here

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