Game of Bombs – Browser Game

Game of Bombs

Game of Bombs is essentially massively multiplayer browser based Bomberman, complete with a wide variety of power-ups and unlock able skins – from Sonic to Darth Vader.

Anyone who’s ever enjoyed the multiplayer delights of Bomberman will feel instantly at home with Game of Bombs. In it players blow up blocks to unearth power-ups and lay bombs to blow up their opponents. There’s a vast array of power-ups to collect from extra bombs to rocket packs, and one that turns you into a walking nuclear bomb. You can even collect rainbow coloured Nyan Bombs that explode into a cloud of happiness (which it turns out is just as deadly as explosives).

As you play Game of Bombs you’ll level up and earn currency from resources that you collect during matches which can be used to unlock perks and skins. The skins are a particular highlight, featuring a vast array of characters form the likes of Star Wars, Super Mario Bros, Sonic The Hedgehog, South Park and My Little Pony.

All in all, Game of Bombs gives you everything you expect from a massively multiplayer game of Bomberman and a whole lot more – the only thing that’s better than trapping an opponent and blowing them to pieces is doing it while you’re dressed as Darth Vader!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Drop Bomb

Available On: All Browsers

Play Game of Bombs Here

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