Game of the Year Awards!

Welcome to the first annual Free Game Planet Game of the Year Awards! It’s been a fantastic year for games this year, with some incredible games packed full of innovative, beautiful, terrifying and powerfully emotional gaming experiences. Here are some of the favorites we’ve come across this year.

Best Artwork
I Woke Up Next To You – It’s hard to say no when when this games beautiful artworkmakes saying yes so alluring

Honourable Mentions: Short TripYurei Station and Dead Horizon


Biggest Headf**k Moments
Doki Doki Literature Club – This game screws with you so much you’ll never trust a video game again!

Honourable Mentions: I Woke Up Next To You and Three Twenty One


Freakiest Horror Game
FAITH – Squeezes pure terror out of it’s stylish retro game design

Honourable Mentions: Symmetry, Escape The Asylum and Frostbite: Deadly Climate


Best Physics Based Carnage
That Crazy Game With Explosions and Time – slow moton explosions, ragdoll physics and cat rescuing!

Honourable Mentions: Project Explosion and The Potato Problem


Funniest Game
Your Last Day in Prison – The voicework in this odball adventure will have you in stitches!

Honourable Mentions: Knobb’s EndRoom of Roilands and Brief Karatie Foolish


Most Innovotive Puzzle Design
ツケカエゴーレム Tsukekae Golem – Very cleverly crafted block based puzzler!

Honourable Mentions: LightweaverReel and Hollowed


Best Fan Game
Castlevania: Simon’s DestinyCastlevania recreated in the Doom engine!

Honourable Mentions: Portal Mario 64 and Justice League United


Best .io Game – Super addictive massively multiplayer hacking game!
Honourable Mentions: and


Best Game Design
Halen: Ballad of the Blade Thief – Stylish artwork backed up with fast paced action platforming gameplay and a great narrative.

Honourable Mentions: Ombrage and Hollowed


Most Emotional Game
Three Twenty One – Beautiful and innovotive game design with an ending that WILL make you cry

Honourable Mentions: Where The Goats AreSalamander: The Lost Kitty and Dog of Antor


Thanks for joining us for a great year of gaming, we’ll look forward to bringing you more great games next year. Have a happy new year!

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