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GATE is a simple, stylish and chilled out multi-ball rolling puzzle game that sees you attempting to control multiple balls at the same time as you attempt to guide them to the exit gate.

In GATE you control two (or more) balls simultaneously, so pressing a direction key will make both of the balls move in that direction. The balls start in different areas of the level and you have to try and guide them to the same exit gate without either one falling off so you need to be careful with your movements. Walled areas can come in handy for stopping one ball rolling while you focus on another, but the levels can get pretty tricky – especially once more balls are added and moving platforms are introduced.

It’s a simple looking, but fun little puzzle game with some great level design and a wonderfully chilled out atmosphere (largely thanks to the beautiful soundtrack). A cleverly crafted ball rolling puzzler well worth taking for a spin.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download GATE Here

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