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Gelf Game

Gelf is a wonderfully wobbly little QWOP-like golfing game in which you attempt to hit a ball as far as possible using a floppy noodle golf club.

Gelf is a very short game, with you simply given three shots to try and hit your ball as far as possible, but it’s quite addictive thanks to it’s deliberately awkward control scheme, charming visuals and cheery audio. In the game you move the position of your hands with the WASD keys and rotate your club with the K and L keys. A good swing requires a mix of hand movement and a club rotation, which can be quite hard to master, with you often totally missing or hitting the ball behind you!

The current build was created in just two days for TOJam12 so the brevity of the game is understandable, but we’d love to see it expanded on with a few holes to reach and hazards to avoid. Sure, Gelf may not offer the most accurate simulation of golf, but it’s a fun little game, with lots of charm. Golf would be way more fun if everyone had to use wobbly noodle clubs!

Controls: WASD – Move Hands J/k – Rotate Club

Available On: All Browsers

Gameplay Video: Here

Play Gelf Here

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