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generals io game is a very fast paced and addictive multiplayer browser based RTS in which players expand their forces across the map as fast as possible, capturing land, bases and enemy headquarters in attempt to be the sole survivor.

Matches in are played on a grid based map, with each player starting occupying a single square (their headquarters). As you progress your headquarters slowly amass more troops which can be sent out to capture the surrounding land. Each captured square of land grants the player a small troop bonus and allows them to see more of the map, and there are also neutral fortresses that can be captured which grant players more troops.

All the while that you’re capturing land and neutral fortresses the other players around you are doing the same, and things really start to heat up when your forces clash. There can only be one victor in this game, and the battles are very fast paced. When invading another players territory you need mobilise your troops so that you have more units than them then move in and capture the territory (similar to Risk but without the randomness of the dice rolls). The key to success isn’t a war of attrition at the frontlines, instead you’re best off amassing a large force then making a beeline for the enemy headquarters and wiping them out at their core.

It takes a couple of games to get to grips with the mechanics of, but once you get the hang of it, it can be a very addictive game that offers some of the fastest paced RTS gameplay we’ve ever seen (entire matches taking just a few minutes to play to completion). Well worth checking out for some super fast strategic warfare.

Controls: Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

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