Genetic Rockets – Browser Game

Genetic Rockets

Genetic Rockets is an oddly addictive experimental blend of rockets, genetic evolution and physics simulation in which the goal is for a rocket to naturally evolve that’s capable of making it into outer space.

You can’t really describe Genetic Rockets as a game as you have no interaction whatsoever with it – you simply watch as generation after generation of rockets spawn and slowly reach higher and higher into space. Each generation of rockets lasts for 15 seconds, and a genetic algorithm is used to help them evolve each new generation. Each new generation, the best rockets from the previous generation are kept, a mutation of the rocket that reached the highest is made, a completely new rocket is randomly created, and the rest of the rockets are all created by using the previous generation as ‘parents’.

Although you don’t actually interact with the rockets in any way, it’s a strangely captivating experience watching as the mass of random blocks and thrusts slowly manage to evolve to achieve interstellar flight. Not a ‘game’, but very addictive nonetheless.

Controls: None!

Available On: All Browsers

Play Genetic Rockets Here

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