GeoGuessr – Browser Game

GeoGuessr is a fun Google Street View based quiz game in which you are dropped in random locations around the globe and have to figure out where you are.

The concept behind GeoGuessr is pretty similar to Streetcrowd, but playable in single player and a little more piolished. In the game you are dropped in random locations around the globe which you can explore via Google Street View. Once you’re reasonably confident of where you are you then place a marker on the map and are awarded points for how close you get. After five rounds you’re given your total and can see how well your global identification skills measure up.

The default world map is the most challenging (and most fun) as it can place you on random roads in the middle of nowhere, leaving you just the topography of the surrounding area and (if you’re lucky) an occasional road sign to inform your guess. There are different maps you can choose from too though, such as country specific ones, famous stadiums or famous landmarks.

It’s a fun game that can offer a real test of your geographical knowhow and allow you to see the world in the process. A great globe-trotting quiz well worth embarking on.

Controls: Point & Click

Available on: All Browsers

Play GeoGuessr Here

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