George Likes Lasagna – Downloadable Game

George Likes Lasagna is a fun little first person horror game where you attempt to cook some tasty lasagna while being stalked by a lasagna loving psycho.

In George Likes Lasagna your goal is simply to cook and eat some lasagna. This may sound easy enough, but it’s not long until a large-headed psycho breaks into your house. He’s shy, so he only moves when you’re not looking, but if he gets a hold of you then your lasagna cooking days will be over.

It’s a fun little light hearted take on the Doctor Who Weeping Angels monster mechanics, with a wonderfully weird antagonist and seven different endings to discover. It’s a lot of fun trying to discover them all!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, E – interact

Available On: Windows

Download George Likes Lasagna Here

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