Get Out Of My House – Downloadable Game

Get Out Of My House is a funny little physics-based adventure where you attempt to throw all the hungover guests who are refusing to go home after a party.

In Get Out Of My House you’ve thrown a rager of a party, but now that it’s the morning after you just want everyone to go home. Your guests can’t seem to take the hint though (and half of them are passed out), so you’ll physically have to grab them and throw them out the house yourself.

There are a lot of guests hidden around the house and to reach them you’ll have to do a little remodelling – which is largely done by grabbing something heavy and throwing it at walls to make them crumble. Most of the guests are in plain sight, but for some you’ll need to search high and low for (literally!)

It’s a very silly and enjoyable game with a fun premise and lots of physics based destruction. You may get all the guests out of your house, but by the end you won’t have much of a house left!

Controls: WASD Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB – Grab, RMB – Throw, Spacebar – Jump

Available On: Windows

Download Get Out Of My House Here

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