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Get To Da Choppa features a challenging blend of run n’ gun arcade action and Choplifter-esque side scrolling chopper combat.

Drawing inspiration from the Amiga classic Apocalypse, in Get To Da Choppa you take on the role of a lone agent who is sent to rescue hostages and recover top secret intel across a series of challenging missions. You can can go it on foot like a traditional side scrolling arcade shooter but it’s unlikely you’ll last long. You can jump in your chopper whenever you like though for a bit more mobility, armor and firepower.

Even in the chopper it’s no cakewalk – there are enemy soldiers, tanks and choppers all attempting to blast you out of the sky, and you also have to keep an eye on your fuel gauge as a chopper with no fuel is just a hunk of scrap metal. Things start off fairly easily but you’ll need some serious chopper combat skills to make it through the later levels.

It’s a fun game really impressed with it’s challenging old school arcade gameplay and excellent pixel art visuals. Get to da choppa now for a fab little slice of retro arcade action.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Shoot, X – Rockets, C – Enter/Exit Chopper

Available On: Windows

Download Get To Da Choppa Here

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