Gexfeld – Downloadable Game

Gexfeld is a delightfully silly little mashup of Gex and Sienfeld, which sees the channel surfing lizard exploring and collecting stuff in Jerry’s apartment.

Created for the Gex Jam 2023, Gexfeld is an entertainingly pointless game where the Gex (from the mildly popular 90’s Gex games) has a little fun in Jerry Sienfeld’s apartment. The gameplay is pretty simple – just explore and collect the various objects that appear. As you progress you unlock a couple of abilities, but on the whole it’s all about enjoying a little time in a classic sitcom setting with Gex.

It’s a well made little game, with a near perfect recreation of the apartment, a great TV styled presentation and lots of fun little Gex quips. An entertaining bit of 90’s nostalgia well worth tuning into.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Spacebar – Jump, Enter – Tongue Travel

Available On: Windows

Download Gexfeld Here

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