Ghosts ‘N Demons – Downloadable Game

ghosts n demons

Ghosts ‘n Demons is a punishingly tough fan made Ghosts ‘n Goblins homage that pits Sir Arthur against all manner of nasty beasts as he attempts to rescue his beloved Princess Prin Prin.

The audio and visual design feel wonderfully authentic, while the gameplay is fun and tough as nails (as it should be). There’s a wide variety of new monsters and huge bosses to contend with, as well as old favorites, and a nice selection of power-ups to aid your progress.

If you weren’t a fan of the original games, Ghosts ‘n Demons is unlikely to win you over – as it’s punishingly tough difficulty will beat you into submission – but for fans of the series this is a must play.

Controls:  Arrow Keys Movement,  Z – Jump,  X – Shoot, L Shift – Gesture

Available On:  Windows Only

Download Ghosts ‘N Demons Here

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