Gift Exchange Machine – Browser Game

Gift Exchange Machine is a charming little experience where you draw a little pixel art present, write a note, sign it and send it off into the universe, then open up a present you receive in return.

Give and ye shall receive in Gift Exchange Machine, a digital gift exchange experience where you make and send out a gift, then receive one back in return. You’re given a small amount of space to draw a pixel art present on, then you can write a little note on it, sign it, choose a border for the card and send it out into the ether via a gift-carrying crane (the bird not the machine). The crane will then shortly return with a randomly selected gift that was created by another player which you can then open and enjoy.

It’s a fun little experience that allows you to spread a little love and see what you get back in return. What goes around comes around!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: All Browsers

Play Gift Exchange Machine Here

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