Giselle – Downloadable Game

Giselle is a very touching little psychological horror game where a troubled young girl is in danger of being consumed by her negative thoughts.

In Giselle you follow the story of the titular character – a teenage girl called Giselle. She’s locked herself away in her room and is struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. There is someone out there who may be able to help her, but first she’ll have to help herself, as she solves a series of riddles and is reminded of some of her favourite memories.

Taking around 20 minutes to play through, Giselle really impresses with its beautiful artwork, clever puzzles and powerful story. The writing throughout is excellent and you really come to be invested in Giselle’s well-being. Highly recommended.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Interact, X – Save

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Giselle Here

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