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GITH is a beautiful and bizarre adventure that starts off with you controlling a pair of siblings in a Canabalt-esque runner, then taking a surprising twist as they make a cosmic discovery.

After discovering that the earth is doomed, a brother and sister plan to make a rocket and fly into the centre of the black hole that looks set to destroy them.  To do this they must split up and fetch the parts for the rocket (a refrigerator and some soda bottles) in a short Canabalt-style running sequence, avoiding obstacles and meeting up again in the middle.  What follows is equal parts weird and wonderful, and well worth playing through to completion.

Taking around five minutes to complete, GITH really impresses with wonderful hand drawn visuals, beautiful melodic soundtrack and surprising twists.  A short and very sweet space oddity.

Controls:  Z – Left Action, X – Right Action

Available On:  Windows, Mac, Linux & Browsers

Download or Play GITH Here

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