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Glint is an inventive little puzzle adventure where you use mirrors to help you solve puzzles and avoid hazards in a spooky haunted mansion.

Created by a group of students from the Haute-École Albert Jacquard, Glint is a spooky little puzzle adventure set in a haunted mansion filled with mirrors. It follows the story of a young girl whose village was decimated by a curse that originated in the mansion. She now needs to navigate the mansion and avoid the many hazards in her way to put an end to the curse.

Glint’s haunted mansion looks quite normal at first glance, but when you take a peek in one of the many mirrors adorning the walls and ceilings things get a lot more spooky. Not only can the mirrors allow you to see ghosts, but they also help highlight interactable objects, secret passages and traps. You essentially have to control your character via the mirror to avoid the ghosts and traps. This makes the game feel like you’re simultaneously viewing your character from a first person perspective and a fixed camera perspective game – which is a very cool effect.

It’s a great little game with beautifully designed environments and cleverly crafted puzzles that make inventive use of its ghostly mirror-based mechanics. A spooky haunted house adventure with some very clever ideas.

Controls: Keyboard or Gamepad

Available On: Windows

Download Glint Here

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