God Not Found – Browser game

God Not Found is a thought provoking little narrative-driven experience that explores the profound realities of spirituality in the real world.

An adaptation of Catholic priest Anthony de Mell’s The Song of the Bird book, God Not Found is a short and powerful little experience that examines spirituality via a series of short parables. The parables aren’t focused on promoting religion, but questioning it and its role in the world. It explores the ways God’s message has been corrupted by those who claim to represent them and exposes the hypocrisy behind their teachings and actions – all in just five minutes.

It’s a very well executed little experience that will leave you thinking about it long after completion. Much like the book it was based on, God Not Found has something for you no matter what religion you believe in (or even if you believe in no religion at all) and it delivers a powerful narrative in just five minutes. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On – Browser

Play God Not Found Here

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