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GodBall game

GodBall is a wonderfully destructive mix of pinball, pool and Breakout in which God levels entire cities with rolled up animals because he is bored.

As this is an Adult Swim game, it’ll be no surprise that GodBall is a very silly game. The premise revolves around God forgetting to pay his cable bill and having nothing to watch on TV, then deciding to take out his frustrations on the world by hurling rolled up giant animals at buildings. As you can imagine this is a lot of fun!

You start off with a relatively weak, but fast Cheetah Ball, but as you level cities and collect cash you can upgrade your ball and even unlock other balls, each with their own attributes and special attacks. In each level you are given 3 attempts to cause as much destruction as possible, sometimes with specific objectives (such as certain buildings that you need to destroy). You then simply aim, set your power and watch as the carnage unfolds before your eyes, with you able to rederect your ball (if you have enough power left), and unleash your special ability once your special meter is fully charged. There are also a nice selection of power-up drops to spice up the action, such as one hit kills or shadowball (multiball).

After witnessing the amount of destruction possible by hurling gigantic rolled up animals at buildings, one can only hope God never really does forget to pay his cable bill, but if you’re in the mood for some deliciously destructive city smashing carnage, you’ll have a ball with GodBall!

Controls:  Mouse – Aim,  LMB – Special,  Spacebar – Set Power,  X – Use Flippers

Available On:  Windows Only

Download GodBall Here

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