Going Down – Downloadable Game

Going Down is a creepy little pixel art horror game where you take an elevator ride with a mysterious man who questions you with a series of moral dilemmas.

Created for Ludum Dare 48, in Going Down you enter an elevator and make a journey from the 9th floor to the bottom floor of a building. However, you’re also joined on this journey by a strange man who seems keen to strike up a conversation, or to be more accurate he seems to want to question your morals.

As the elevator makes its way down through each floor the man poses you a different moral dilemma for you to answer. These can be along the lines of “would you put a dying bird out of its misery?” or “would you report an armed robber who gives money to a local orphanage”. Answer truthfully and maybe you’ll be able to clear your conscience, though sometimes it may not be so easy!

It does have a few rough edges and it’s unclear whether the answers you give have much of an impact on the outcome, but it’s a great concept that would be perfect for expanding on. It’s a clever setting for a horror game, there’s a nice mixture of moral dilemmas and the voice acting is very well done. A creepy little elevator ride well worth taking.

Controls: Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download Going Down Here

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