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Going Nowhere

Going Nowhere is an eerie first person parkour adventure in which you try to escape a mysterious town inhabited by two strange girls who seem to know more than they’re letting on.

After the road has caved in, you find yourself stranded in a deserted town with only two inhabitants – a couple of girls, one who wants you to stay and enjoy yourself and another who is more inclined to help you escape.  Featuring a charming blend of boxy voxel-style structures and 2D sprites for the characters, Going Nowhere creates a rather unsettling atmosphere as you explore it’s bizarre world.

The gameplay in Going Nowhere is reminiscent of Mirrors Edge, with you scrambling across rooftops and clever map design that guides you in the right direction but doesn’t hold your hand.   The platforming is great fun as you discover routes and try to escape this high-rise parkour playground.  Maybe it’s not really the town that you’re trapped in though…

Controls:  WAD – Movement, C- Crouch, Spacebar – Jump, Mouse – Look, Shift – Run, LMB – Climb.  E – Talk

Available On:  Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser

Download or Play Going Nowhere Here

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