Golf Is Hard – Browser Game

Golf is Hard

Golf Is Hard is an addictive pixel art golfing game, in a similar vein as Desert Golf, in which you must try and sink the ball with just one shot (there’s no walking allowed on this course!)

To play Golf Is Hard, you simply aim your swing with one click, then select your power with another.  There are no clubs or wind speeds to worry about – just swing away – the devious level design makes the game tricky enough anyway!  The greens can be very forgiving, but getting there with one hit will often require some skilful trajectory planing, and often requiring trick shots to meet your mark.

The chirpy chip-tune audio and charming pixel art visuals impress throughout, and it’s a great feeling when you nail a particularly tough hole in one shot.  Golf may be hard, but it’s also lots of fun!

Controls:  Mouse – Click to Aim & Set Power

Available On:  Windows, iOS & Android

Play Golf Is Hard Here

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