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Gone Wandering Game Download

Gone Wandering is an adorable little open world adventure in which you solve puzzles and collect butterflies as you sail around its charming N64-esque low poly world.

In Gone Wandering you join a girl and a cute little pet/creature as they sail between a vibrant low poly world made up of a series of islands. Your goal is to collect butterflies – which you do by holding your net out while piloting your boat near them.

There are lots of butterflies scattered around the islands, but your main objective is to collect four special ones. You’ll know the special ones when you see them as they’re differently marked and harder to catch than the others – often requiring you to solve a short puzzle before grabbing them. Collecting those four special butterflies may be your main goal, but there’s no rush, the charming world of Gone Wandering is a delight to sail around in and there’s lots of sights to see.

There’s very little information given about the girl or why she’s capturing the butterflies so it’s very much left open to the player’s interpretation. The familiar-style pet and the headwear suggests she may be a witch, but perhaps she just likes butterflies? Either way it’s a wonderful little chilled out boating adventure well worth checking out.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard or Control Pad

Available On: Windows & Mac

Full Playthrough: Here

Download Gone Wandering Here

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