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Gongbat is a spectacular shoot-em-up with fantastic audio and pixel art animation that sees you blasting biological abominations and huge bosses with a prehistoric transforming bat.

Gameplay is fast, fun and downright crazy, with you controlling an Gongbat (a powerful ancient bat), as it attempts to put a stop to an evil scientists nefarious plans.  To do this you’ll have to take on the scientists henchmen and a wide variety of massive mutated beasts across five areas, all while listening to awesome music tracks.

Your Gongbat is surprisingly tough for a bat, with you able to blast enemies with your sonar waves, purchase upgrades and even use ancient Gongs to transform and use special powers.  It’s a wonderfully crafted game, you’re never sure what’s around the corner as you take on a mass of bizarre mutants.  It’s worth playing through for the audio/visual experience alone – a bat-shit crazy fever dream of epic proportions.

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Shoot,  X – Use Gong,  C – Select Gong,  Alt + Enter – Toggle Full Screen (also playable on controller)

Available on: Windows Only

Tip:  Remember, you can pause the game and upgrade your Gongbat at any time!

Thanks to Screenshot Daily for the recommendation!

Download the Soundtrack Here

Download Gongbat Here

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